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  • Electric utility substation at sunrise, electric power distribution, electric utilities.
    Proven service solutions to promote reliability and extended transformer life

    Power Transformer Services

    • Solutions

      > Assemblies
      • Mount header banks, radiators and bracing,bushings/bushing housings, pumps, conservators, gas relays, and N2 systems
      • Inspect and verity tap changer operation and position

      > Hot Oil Processing
      • Oil purification: includes dehydration, degasification, thermal cleaning, and removal of particulates and contaminants
      • Dissolved moisture (ASTM-D1533) reduced from 100 ppm to < 10 ppm in single pass and < 3 ppm in three passes
      • Dissolved gas (ASTM-D2945) reduced from 10% to < .25% in single pass and < .15% in three passes
      • Equipment utilized
        » 1,800 GPH inlet and discharge pumps
        » 170 CFM piston backing vacuum pump
        » 1,450 variable speed rotary booster vacuum pump
        » 5 micron prefilter with 0.5 micron particulate polishing filter
        » In-line moisture monitoring system
        » Vacuum degassing chamber with secondary dispersal system
        » Processing rigs include Stokes brand and SESCO

      > Testing and Condition Assessment
      • Factory acceptance and troubleshooting testing: includes insulation power factor, turns ratio, winding excitation, insulation resistance, winding resistance, sweep frequency analysis, leakage reactance, CT saturation and ratio, alarm functional checks, electronic thermal monitor programming, and dissolved gas analysis
      • Perform predictive maintenance
        » Check fluid levels, oil sampling and analysis, N2 pressure, temperature readings, and visual inspections
        » Infrared thermography, ultrasound transformers and pumps
      • Trending of test data
      • Load tap changer inspection

      > Repair Services
      • Transformer gasket replacement
      • Bushing gasket repairs and change-outs
      • Bushing and lightning arrester replacement
      • Welding repairs
      • Pump repair and replacement
      • Radiator and cooler replacement or gasket repair
      • Replace and repair cooling fans
      • LTC maintenance and retrofits
      • Filtration installations
      • Thermal upgrades to increase cooling capacity
      • Customer-specific modifications/engineering
    Workers at electrical switching station, electrical power distribution


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