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    Improve your facility's reliability

    Temporary Generator Connection

    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric Field Services delivers turnkey solutions for temporary generator connection to your normal or emergency power system.
    • Value Proposition

      A temporary generator connection improves your electrical systems's reliability and is recommended where one of the following applies:

      • Local governing body requiring portable generator connection provisions in addition to the fixed-mounted emergency generators per NEC® article 708.20(F)(6).

      • The facility is designated as needing continued operation in the event of a widespread disaster and a temporary connection is acceptable to the governing entity.

      • The facility can withstand short-term disruptions to electrical power but a long-term disruption will jeopardize the business.
      Involving our engineering services group at the earliest stage of your power system upgrade will help ensure an efficient design is implemented.
    • Differentiation

      Our turnkey solutions including; site evaluation, design, equipment procurement, equipment installation and commissioning, is performed by Schneider Electric Engineering Services and Schneider Electric Services. The result is a code-compliant system that will improve your facility’s long term reliability.
    Businessman with plans overlooking production floor stays ahead of ever growing challenges with truly comprehensive life-cycle Field Services from Schneider Electric.


    Explore More Emergency Services and Solutions

    Schneider Electric Services has the expertise and resources to restore electrical power safely and efficiently for any manufacturer's brand of equipment


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      Meets requirements or complies with: Governing entity and authorities having jurisdiction National electrical code Underwriting agencies andinsurance companies
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      Being able to operate in case of a widespread disaster