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      Empowering smart utilities

      Smart utilities operate smart grids, decarbonize power generation & provide innovative energy services. Discover how to adapt today's utility infrastructure for a bright, connected future in our " smart utility ebook".

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      Today, utilities must become smart utilities. Those that succeed will operate efficient smart grids, decarbonize their generation portfolio and provide new energy customer services.

      Find out more in our “Powering an always-on world” ebook to discover how Schneider Electric’s energy experts tell the story
      • men installing sustainable energy solar panels on roof
        Smart Energy Generation Equals Flexible Generation The rapid influx of renewable energy projects coming online implies pricing and dispatch patterns for the utility companies who are integrating them will be increasingly influenced by the variable nature of wind and solar. That’s definitely a scary thought for most. How can you increase generation flexibility without increasing cost? Discover it out on our blog. Find Out More
      • Facilities manager using energy monitoring software on a multiple screen view, industrial energy management.
        Electric Utilities Solutions Utilities must significantly reduce costs while ensuring operational excellence, rapidly digitize end-to-end processes, and improve operational performance. Despite capacity issues, utilities also must balance high-demand hours with low intermittent production risking forced demand curtailment and blackouts. The answer? Intelligent networks, new business models, and new customer services to grow beyond energy sales. Find Out More